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September 9 - 11, 2022

You’re six years old and your mother’s in the hospital. Dad says she’s “done something stupid.” She finds it hard to be happy. So you start to make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything that’s worth living for.


1. Ice cream.

2. Kung Fu movies.

3. Burning things.

4. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose.

5. Construction cranes.

6. Me.


You leave it on her pillow. You know she’s read it because she’s corrected your spelling. Soon, the list will take on a life of its own.


With audience members recruited to take on supporting roles, "Every Brilliant Thing" is a heart-wrenching, hilarious story of depression and the lengths we will go for those we love.


This immersive theatrical experience speaks openly about depression, mental illness and suicide. Presented with unflinching honesty, the play perfectly balances the struggles of life while celebrating all that is “truly brilliant” in living each day.

DIRECTED BY: Savannah Sidor and Jacob Williams.


Narrator: Tre Minor

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