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Mid-Life 2!

Feb. 16 – March 5, 2023

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The joys of getting older continue in this hilarious follow up to Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical.


The followup to the hilarious Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical, Mid-Life 2! #WhatDidIComeInHereFor? takes us back into the middle ages once again with a hilariously tuneful look at the aches, pains and joys of getting older. From ever-increasing trips to the doctor's office, to the horrifying moment when one qualifies for a senior discount, the ever-growing legion of aging Baby Boomers and beyond are sure to see their lives reflected in this witty musical revue.

DIRECTOR: Rick Adams



Jessica Albert

Amy Hawes

Amanda Jannsen

Mike Jones

Tod Murphy

David Ogle

Emily Regier

Ken Yarbrough



Lighting and Sound: Ken Yarbrough

Vocal Director:  Debra Aguilar

Set Design: Ray Dillahunty

Pianist: June Vado


Whitten Real Estate

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