Response to COVID-19




The Port Aransas Community Theatre

2327 State Highway 361

Port Aransas, TX 78373



For immediate press release August 11, 2020


The Board of Directors of Port Aransas Community Theatre have unanimously voted to not proceed with future productions of the 2020 season. We believe the safety and health of our community, neighbors, volunteers, and friends is more important than any show we would want to produce. We want our audience and artists to feel safe within our walls, and we believe this to be the appropriate response to the pandemic. The risks of continuing our season far outweigh any potential benefits, and we will be excited to continue operating normally once we are past the overwhelming threat of the virus.


If you are a 2020 season ticket holder, we will be contacting you soon about repayment solutions. Unfortunately, this year didn’t pan out the way we had planned, but we are prepared to offer our current season ticket holders recompense for the lack of performances promised.


Just because we have terminated our 2020 season doesn’t mean we have closed our doors forever. The Board of Directors is currently exploring different options that we deem to be both safe and entertaining for our supporters. Please keep an eye out for future events by us and for the announcement of our 2021 season.


This summer has allowed many of us to step back, reflect, and truly understand our limits and our potential. PACT has been fortunate enough to view this as an opportunity instead of a setback. Once the world returns to normality, we will come back stronger, brighter, and better than ever. In the meantime, we ask that everyone please stay safe and healthy.




Ken Yarbrough

Cyndi Christenson

Nicole Boyer

Glenda McCormick

Troy Watson

Morgan Milligan

Rick Adams

Joy Claer

Sandy Etheridge