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As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the enthusiasm, hard work, and kindness of our volunteers. Throughout the years, hundreds of people have come through our doors and helped us continuously meet and surpass our original vision. We consider ourselves a tight-knit family, and we aim to provide a place where people can express themselves, learn about theatre and have fun. We hope to continue our mission, and anyone is more than welcome to join us on our journey. Please read below to learn about the different ways you can help PACT.



Working concessions, the box office, and ushering are all crucial parts of the theatre experience. These volunteers are the first people that our patrons see when they arrive and give the first impression of the theatre to our first-time audience members. We are always looking for welcoming, enthusiastic individuals to work these positions. Please click the button below to contact us about volunteer availability.



It requires an entire crew to put on a production. There are people working on a show before, after, and during showtime. There are people working on the stage, behind the stage, in front of the stage, and nowhere near the stage. Without a crew, a show would be nothing. At PACT, we understand the importance of a great crew and always recognize the hard work and talent that accompanies these positions. If you're interested in joining the PACT family, please click the button below and fill out a crew application.

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