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April 21 - May 8, 2022


Sponsor: Fisherman's Wharf

Grumpy Old Men is the story of two aging men, Max and John, neighbors who have been feuding for most of their lives. Invigorated by their shared affection for their new neighbor across the street, the beautiful, eccentric, and charming Ariel, they face-off as romantic rivals until their hilarious shenanigans finally bring about a resolution to their long-standing differences. Based on the 1993 film, which starred Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, and Ann-Margret, this stage adaptation captures the lovably crotchety characters through twinkling humor, great songs, and the affectionate depiction of a small town that feels like home to everyone.

Director: Ken Yarbrough

Vocal Director: Debra Aguilar

Stage Manager: Glenda McCormick

Lighting and Sound: Michael Alvarado, Savannah Sidor

Stage and Set Design: Ray Dilahunty



Ariel Truax: Debra Aguilar

Max Goldman: Tod Murphy

John Gustafson: Rick Adams

Grandpa Gustafson: Emily Regier

Jacob Goldman: Jacob Williams

Melanie Gustafson: Amy Hawes

Chuck Barrels: Lyle Mathews

Punky Olander: Jessica Albert

Sandra Snyder: Deborah Clark

Photo Gallery - Grumpy Old Men: The Musical

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