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It's A Wonderful Life

December 14 - 22, 2023



George Bailey, a man who has given up his personal dreams in order to help others in his community, attempts suicide on Christmas Eve. This event brings about the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody. Clarence shows George how he has touched the lives of others and how different life would be for his wife, Mary, and his community of Bedford Falls if he had not been born.

This classic Christmas tale has been reimagined as a live radio show by the Narada Radio Company. With incredible voice acting and sound effects, the show is a truly immersive experience.


Join us for an uplifting and inspirational show that's perfect for the entire family.



Eleven skilled voice actors will create the more than fifty citizens of the small fictitious town of Bedford Falls.


  • Tré Minor (George Bailey, Announcer 1)

  • Michele Barnett (Clarence, Mom)

  • Jessica Valdez (Mary Bailey, Zuzu, Quintet)

  • Richard Robinson (Franklin, Harry, Sam, Randall, Quintet)

  • Lisa McGrew (Joseph, Mrs. Hatch, Bank Employee, Bridge Keeper, Clerk)

  • Chuck Wilson (Mr. Potter, Old Man Collins, The Sheriff, Dog, Quintet, Santa Claus)

  • Pete Lutz (Director) (Joe, Annie, Uncle Billy, Ernie, Mr. Martini, Nick, Bert The Cop, Announcer 3, Philboyd Studge, Stanhope Studge)

  • Aileen Corpos (Mr. Gower, Cousin Tilly, Dr. Campbell, Mr. Welch, Charlie, Mrs. Snagwaris, Groaner)

  • Merilee Robinson (Boy, Eustace, Pete Bailey, Quintet, Teenager, Crying Kid)

  • Dawn Robertson (Boy, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Thompson, And Janie Bailey, Announcer 2)

  • Ross Bernhardt (Music Director) (Pop Bailey, Ed, Horace, Mr. Carter, Quintet, Zip Doodah)




Director: Pete Lutz

Music Director: Ross Bernhardt

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